Our helicopter tours of New York City provide you spectacular views and a very unique experience.  We offer you a new look to a beloved city in a way no other New York City helicopter tour can!  Zip Aviation is committed to maintaining your proven customer satisfaction and an impeccable safety record.  See all of New York City’s historical sights today from the most breathtaking aerial angles during your helicopter ride around the Big Apple!  All tours are offered in the following nine languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.  Tours start at $145 per person, book your seat today! 866.ZIP.OVER

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What an amazing experience. Seeing the skyline of the most beautiful city in the world from a helicopter was absolutely mind blowing! I felt so safe and secure throughout the entire ride in the hands of the friendly and professional pilot and staff.

- Jeffrey Rosner
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